Screen Wall Fixings


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I have a very heavy 7ft screen (motorised).

Can anyone recommend suitable fixings (I have the brackets, need advice on wall plugs etc)

I have solid breeze block (old style, not thermolite) and a plaster finish.

I don't think that standard wall plugs will be enough. Can anyone suggest some UK retaillers who might have something suitable?

I'm also thinking about putting a batton behind the brackets (wood) to bring the screen off the wall by 1.5" so I can have a picture / painting on the wall.

Any ideas?


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somone must have some suggestions, as to how to fix my screen?



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Normal plugts will be fine mate. Use 3inch screws and get plugs to match them. Remember that you're attaching to a wall and the forces are down, not out. I

Just make sure you use the right size drill for the plugs and the right size plugs for the screws. Most plugs will have details on the packaging as to wot drills and screws are suitable.


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nice one WeirdFish - Thanks for the advice!

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