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First post :smoke:

Ive had my projector (Sanyo PLC-SU20e) for over 2 years now, projecting onto a wall painted in matt white cheapo homebase paint.

Im setting up my equipment in a different room, im wondering whether to paint a wall (or a rectangle) white, if so what is the best paint to use or should i get a roll down blind similar to some of the people in the gallery. Obviously im on a budget and cannot afford a proper screen.

Sorry if this question gets asked all the time, ive been browsing the forum since yesterday havent found a similar question, mainly cos im still going through the gallery ;o)



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Many on a tight budget find a blackout blind works very well .. hint: use the forum Search feature for "IKEA", that'll find you several discussions on this subject. :)

L c

thanx for the advice but reading other peopls experience i dont like the idea of a blind with ripples.

its a plain wall so im gona go with painting it like my previous wall, possibly with a black border with black paint. What white paint is recommended?


Originally posted by L c
What white paint is recommended?

A lot of folk swear by Dulux Icestorm 6, theres a thread currently in the screens forum on the subject here

L c

/oops didnt see the screens forum

k im gona get a tub of the icestorm, £100 a tin for the other stuff is a bit ott for me atm.

cheers for the help!


im using a 200cm width blackout blind..on the first pull up, the screen devolped a short term alternative a blind is good on a long term no way .......................................

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If you can paint the wall, you could try a fixed screen - make a wooden frame and then stretch and staple blackout cloth over it. I made an 84" wide 16:9 screen from wood (B&Q) and blackout clothe. It cost me less than £30 3 years ago including screws and staples.

Pics on my website if you're interested.



If you're on a budget Dunelm Mills ( website ) white blackout cloth is £3.99 a metre (i think it is 54" width), also if you ask they will put it on a cardboard roll for you instead of folding it into a carrier bag, when doing this they use a rolling machine which gets rid of any creases too. The lady who served me was great, i told her what i was doing and she locked for the least creased roll, and gave me 3 1/2 metres for the price of 3 as the first bit was a bit 'ropey'! :clap:

I've just been down this DIY route and it cost a total of £19 for a 2 metre wide 16:9 screen including timber and 4 right angle brackets @ 20p each to make sure it was square. :smashin:

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