Screen Tilt - Probably a stupid comment but what the hey!!



Just a thought. This screen tilt of which I speak on the Tosh 32ZP18Q. It tilts from left to right. I don't suppose it could have anything to do with the fact that the TV gets put on it's side while coming through my living room door...?

As I say, probably stupid but just a thought.


Screen Tilt is usually caused by the effect of the earths magnetic field on the magnets of the CRT in your TV. This will vary with your geographic position. There is normally a menu option in your TV setup for correcting this.


Thanks for your comment LP but apparently there isn't that option. Did anyone ever manage to locate the service menu on this TV?

gmt steve

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Try pressing 'Mute' on the remote, then hold down 'Menu' on the TV whilst pressing 'Mute' on the remote again.
Once in the Service Menu, be very careful. Don't adjust anything without making a note of the setting first.


I'm told there is no rotational control in the service menus. Only physical moving of the scan coils, and its been debated as to whether this is possible.

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