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    HI I know this is a common issue and I have spent hour going through lots of posts on this forum but to no avail. Id be most grateful for any advice to help in my decision befor i part with the hard earned..

    I have the following equipment and need suitable display solution,

    sanzio netdvd
    yam amp dsp ax750 se
    InFocus ScreenPlay 4805
    building htpc
    pioneer dv 575a

    I am at the mo a very confused as to which screen to go for for the best use lcd / plasma? hd / sd ?

    I like others will be mainly using it as a tv through freeview and dvd so very concerned that it will look good on sd source sports etc, also will want to utilize the snazio and some content from htpc, so it would seem i should go for a more expensive hd ready screen ?, but is it really worth it ? as from this forum alot of hd screens seem to have bad pictures from sky freeview etc and some people have seen hd material sourced to a hd screen and sd screen (panny pe50) side by side and said that it would be hard to tell the differnce. I would go for a sd screen like the pe50 as it will take hd over componant but then im not sure how i would best connect the htpc etc?
    or is there a similar sd screen with able to take hd but with better connections? I dont really want to have to fork out over 2000 for a screen if I can help it especially if there is a solution which will handle some hd material without losing too much picture quality compared to the latest hd panels.
    screens ive been looking at are
    tosh 37wlt58
    jvc PD42DX6?

    need above 32

    I know 42 pv500 and the new pioneer seem just what the doc ordered but a little out of buget im afraid

    any suggestions please apart from wait another 6 months :lease:
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    Yes, it's a tricky choice!

    I bought a Panadonic TH37PW7 on Jan 1st and use it for Freeview and HTPC use, it's a SD screen and I am very pleased with it. I use MCE2005 with nvidia purevideo decoder and DVD's look fab. I also playback 720 and 1080 HD material on it, it is obviously scaled, but it looks equally fab. I run my desktop resolution at 1024 x 576 via DVI and fonts and icons are nice and clear, with a bit of tweaking of XP settings.

    I personally think it is the wrong time to be buying a HD screen - it is such a new and fast moving technology, I think there will be a lot of changes in the market over the next couple of years. I was reading about SED technology recently, which looks promising.

    I plan to move this screen to my bedroom in a couple of years and replace it with a 42" hi Def screen of some description. Richer Sounds are selling these for £999.95 with at home warranty at the moment...
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