Screen size difference between 32" CRT and Plasma is huge


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I am in the market for a 32" screen. The only sensible location in my room is a corner so I have been ignoring Plasma screens. However, I went to JL Oxford St. and they had the new Sony 32" Plasma (KZ-32TS1). I asked them for a tape and measured the diagonals on the Sony Plasma and the Philips 32PW9617 and was surprised to find that there was around a 15cm difference.

I know that there is a difference between visible and quoted sizes on CRT's but I did not expect the difference to be so much.

Anyone else surprised?


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The 'inch' size of all CRTs is overstated and always has been. A 32 inch CRT will have a usable (visible) diagonal of somewhere between 29 and 30 inches. The other 'inches' are part of the CRT which is unusable and hidden behind the screen surround. The more accurate measure is the 'V' measure (usually metric eg 76cmV) where the V stands for 'visible'.

The 'inch' size of Plasma and LCD screens is all usable and always has been; a 32 inch plasma will have a 32 inch visible diagonal.


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The Plasma is bigger. I believe the Plasma sizes are quoted as the actual visible size the CRT's as the tube size.

I think it's a scandal. Especially considering that different 32" CRT's can even differ in size.

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