Screen size and throw distance dilemma


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I'm currently in the process of investigating installing a PJ.

I'm initally looking at the Themescene HD72i but for the purposes of this query, I guess it will apply to most PJs.

My specific problem is I was planning on siting the PJ about 5.2 metres or so from the screen - partly for aesthetics and also to be able to get a decent image size.
However, it would seem that 92" diagonal is the usual upper limit for a pull down screen - they can go up to 119" but there are problems with keeping the screen flat apparently.

The problem is with a screen size of only 92" diagonal, this gives an image of just 2.03m x 1.14m (2.33m diagonal) which is frankly almost pointless - it's barely larger than the plasma...well OK it's quite a bit larger but you get my point.
Also, the PJ would have to be mounted between 3.26m and 3.87m from the screen which would put it slap bang in the middle of the lounge and directly above the sofa so it would look stupid and there would be potential problems with noise.
Even with a 119" screen, this still means the furthest away I can site the PJ is 5m and the image will be at maximum zoom.

So, what are my options?
How can I mount the PJ 5.2m away from the screen and get an image of 2.85m x 1.6m (diagonal 3.27m) on a retractable screen?
It needs to be retractable as it will be coming down over the front of the plasma.
I suppose what I'm asking is where can I get a 3m wide retractable/portable screen?
Any ideas?

How do others cope with this problem?
Are your PJs sited so much closer to the screen or are you using custom made screens or projecting onto walls?



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After a bit of searching I've found the Panoview Gray Wolf 120 which is almost the size I'm after.

It has a gain of 1.8 too which, as far as I am aware is better for me due to the light levels in the room.

Has anyone got one of these or seen one in action?
Any comments?

Edit: Just seen the thread above about this screen, albeit in a smaller size


Brogan said:
I suppose what I'm asking is where can I get a 3m wide retractable/portable screen?
Any ideas?

try here


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Thanks for the link but this thread is now a little out of date.

In the end I went for a 106" diagonal screen as I thought anything larger would be too...well, large.
I've also given up on the HD72i and gone for an SP7210.

Only another week or so and I should have it all installed...:D


so it is ....

sorry :(

im looking at getting a PJ and screen....

never had before....... so looking for all the help i can get lol

hope u get urs sorted..... must post some pics when ur done :)

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