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    Leon Rees

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    I'm on the move to a new house...

    The home cinema room in the new house will be 26'2" x 13'6".

    Right now I have Barco Data 808s with 1200 hours fed by a Quadscan and a Tag McLaren DVD32R/AV32R. I'm using a 79" 16:9 screen.

    Should I change my screen when I move to the new room? I'll be using the 13'6" wall for the screen.

    Should I go bigger and if so how big?

    I'd like to stay with a gain of around 1.3 unless anybody can persuade me otherwise.



    PS. I'll be upgrading to the DVD192R/AV192R de-interlacer/scaler when it's available ... in case it makes a difference.

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  2. uncle eric

    uncle eric

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    Hi Leon,
    As you might know, I'm using the same projector as yourself.
    The room width of my dedicated room is just under 13ft (by around 20ft long).
    I use an electric tab tentioned Stewart Studiotek 130 (1.3 gain), 87" wide by 49" high (1.78-1 or 16x9).
    I find this the right size due to several reasons.
    Firstly, I feel there is a limit as to the size you can go with a CRT (even 8" machines like ours). In my view, 8ft wide is around the max before losing a fair amount of snap from the image.
    Other considerations are your ceiling height. In my case the Stewart screen comes with the standard 12" black drop (above the image area) and 2" below.
    Add around 6" for the box and that gives you a total screen hight of around 69".
    If like me you have a standard 8ft high ceiling height the screen ends up around 27" from the floor.
    OK you can place your L/R speakers just out side the screen area. What about your centre?
    Obviously I cant go further as I dont know anything about your sound system.
    I have my three M&K 150's stand mounted with the screen just 2" above them.
    Imagine if you go for a 9 ft wide screen (asuming its 16x9 or 1.78 ratio) it will end up just 16 inches from the floor.

    Obviously you can always go 'micro perf' and place the speakers behind your screen but this will make the image dimmer still as the perfs swallow around 10% of your projected light.

    Their is another way (which I dont personaly favour) and that going with a 2.35-1 screen.
    (Constant height variable width)
    This would make a 9ft wide screen with black drop plus box and bottom 2" around 30" off the floor.
    All this asuming your ceiling height is 8ft.

    Heres an interesting thing. After I bought my screen (an I stress after) I noticed that many reviewers from the well respected USA publications 'The Perfect Vision' and SGHT use the exact size that seemed to fit into my room.
    Either there is something to this screen size business or they all have 8ft ceilings ;) .

    Best Wishes

    P.S. If you want to have a look at what this looks like, drop me an email and pop over to North London and have a look.

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  3. Roland @ B4

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    Leon I think Uncle Eric has said it all.

    I wouldn't go higher than 1.3 gain screen with ceiling mounted projector or you will see the hotspots of the tubes, floor mounted can stand a little more.

    8ft wide does suit 8"EMF projectors well but you can drive them wider if the room is a very dark coulr and totally blacked out.

    The best increase in quality would be to upgrade your Quadscan to a Rock or Vigatec but lets see what the TAG on board scaller does.

    I Prefer to do my calculations from the viewing possition but appreciate centre speakers can add restrictions. The following seems to work for standard installations (if there is such a thing).
    Measure your eye height from floor (usually about 1000mm and reduces as viewer slouches down the chair during film)

    Most comfortable position for screen puts eye line one third up from bottom irrespective of width or height.

    An 8ft wide 1.78:1 screen (96" x 54") 2440 x 1370mm
    would put (asuming the 1000mm seated)
    The screen bottom at 540mm from the floor
    and the screen top 1900mm from the floor

    This does not take in any black boarders,

    I don't like the idea of using variable masking to the sides yiou will not get the best out of a CRT projector. This is best left to the Single lens chapies with zooms

    I'll reply to your email today.

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