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cross-post from software forum

i'm hoping someone on here will know what to do and will be kind enough to help me.

OS: 7
Hardware Biostar H55 HD (motherboard) & Intel G6950 processor

i have my pc connected to a full hd lcd tv by hdmi. today i switched the tv off before the pc. when i realised my mistake and switched it back on Windows had suddenly gone 'letterbox'.

the tv says it's receiving a 1920x1080 signal and windows says it's giving out a 1920x1080 signal. i have tried changing resolution on the pc but it had no effect. i tried changing channels on the tv and different zoom levels but it's still letterboxed. curiously enough the letterboxing only takes effect when the desktop opens. boot screen etc is filling the screen perfectly.

i have disconnected and reconnected the hdmi lead. still happening. i've tried fiddling around in the 'Graphics Properties' on the right-click menu on the desktop but it has no effect.

a system restore had no effect.

anyone have any clue what the problem might be?

thanks in advance :)


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Just to clarify, by 'letterboxing' do you mean black space all around or only black bars at the top and bottom?

If it's the former it sounds like something's setting some underscan. If you're using an ATI graphics card then the setting is in the catalyst control centre, desktops and displays under the configure option of the smaller screen icon there.


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your very first sentence admits to breaking forum rules about cross posting.

please re-read the rules - one thread only, choose the best forum. if you require the thread moving to a different forum then just please ask, dont create new threads

closing this one. if you want the original thread move then please ask a mod and we'll move it.
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