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First post here but have been lurking for nearly a decade!

I have a basement that I'm turning into a cinema room.

Without going into super great detail of the what and why, I'm lining the room with dry wall onto studs/battens over a cavity membrane system.

I want to recess a projection screen into the stud wall and am stuck on what dimensions for the screen the recess should be.

The room is 5m wide by 4.3m from the back wall to the screen wall so not huge but definitely useable.

Without knowing exactly which projector I will buy, what would you all recommend as the correct recess / screen size for this size room and how do I ensure whatever projector I decide on will correctly fill the screen size?


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Disclaimer: I've only just begun preparing my first home cinema...

What are your shortlisted projectors? Perhaps that's a way of narrowing down the alternatives depending on throw distences and such...


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My cinema room is a similar size, slightly squarer.

I struggled a little to get an image big enough given the throw ratio of the JVC's, 4K Sony's and LS10500. So step 1 check the specs on the pj's you're interested in and see what image size you can get/want. Without knowing the layout of your room it's hard to say but I'd project along the bigger dimension if possible. You need to think about where the seating will be and if you're going for ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos.

Next I'd consider an acoustically transparent screen, one where the speakers site behind the screen. So rather than recess my screen it's designed into a front false wall with just enough room for the speakers behind.

Then get your head around aspect ratio, i.e. 16:9 (TV) shape or 2.35:1 (Most movie shape). I only watch movies as it's a dedicated room so went for a screen with DIY electric masking so I can do a bunch of different aspect ratios.

You're in a great position to plan everything from the outset but I'd still plan for expansion and have speaker wire routed for 11 speakers just in case.

Have fun.

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