Screen protector 5800 - are you using one?


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Hello! I got my 5800 a screen protector and case but it would not stick and was full of air bubbles. Tried for half an hour but bubbles would not go. Anyway, shall I bother getting another one? What does everyone else think? Thanks


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i normally put them on half at a time,
so hold them in a angle with enough pressure so the bubbles dont appear,

if you finding this hard,

you can get the solution which makes it easier or go down to a phone/repair dealer and get them to put it on for you...


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Always make sure the screen is clean from dust, dirt and grease too. Even more important with touch screen devices where grease from your fingers will be all over the screen.

You can remove this stuff with alcohol wipes, or if you don't have those you can use a small amount of vinegar on a lint-free cloth :)

Another slightly more dangerous / brave tip is to use a water spray gun and mist the back of the protector first. Then you can position it in place and squeeze out the excess water. This is only safe to do with a very light mist and on phones where the screen is not recessed into the case, or where there is a gap between the screen and case, as you really don't want to let water in!


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You should try this Screen Protector ! I've got it fitted to my 58800 XM and it's the best screen protector i've ever had, i couldn't recommend it highly enough ! It comes will a little water spray kit for installing and easy step by step instructions ! Think you can get them on ebay cheaper too ! :thumbsup:

5800 XM Screen Protector

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