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I've received my "Proper" (jolly expensive) screen material today!
I have to mount the frame about an inch off the wall as the wall is "natural brick" and rough. To avoid having my 2 year old poke her finger straight through it (as there will be an inch void between the material and the wall) I was considering nailing a piece of hardboard right across the back with some batons.
Am I in anyway going to spoil the image? Not sure if the projector needs to project slightly through the screen like in a cinema and worried dark hardboard may interfere somehow.

Not sure about the "projecting through" bit, but if you're worried, you can buy hardboard with a white face to it - a little more expensive, but still under £8 or so for an 8'x4' sheet.
How about a curtain or roman blind in front? One of the guys on this site did that. The has a web site with pics but can't remember who?
That'll be me. See this page for a lovely piccy. I think that's a good idea too, as it keeps sticky fingers off when not in use. I must admit I'm a little concerned that some small child/large dog is going to lean on the screen material and stretch it. Like DAKS I have a gap between screen matieral and wall, as the wall curves and so the screen needed to be packed outwards.

Wish I'd thought of shoving some hardboard behind mine!
Spot on Richard, that was the picture I was thinking about
I like the idea of covering the back with some white hardboard - might seem obvious but I hadn't thought of that.

As for curtains, I've already put up a 10ft curtain rail but remember that kids just *love* to hide behind curtains!
Additionaly I'll put a couple of brackets on the front of the frame so when not in use I can slide in a peice of 8 ft x 3 ft board on batons to cover the lower half.

Cheers guys!

(RichardH, found your site a few weeks ago along with a couple of others - thanks for the inspiration!)


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