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screen placement above fire


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im pretty much set on buying a HD65 or X9, i need a screen but it will drop 12" down over the top of my inglenook with a multi fuel burner in it, my question is am i likely to get any movement from the screen due to heat issues, it will be approx 6" in front of the top of the `nook?
ive seen you can get tethered screen but what are normal ones like - heavy? can i weight it down to stop any movemnet?
any response/issues greatly appreciated


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Mine was a few inches in front of the wall above the fireplace, although the fireplace separated it from the heat source itself. I did find it swaying slightly occasionally which did make me too wonder about weights.

I also contemplated using those helping hand thingies, but didn't try that either. http://reprap.org/pub/Main/SolderingToolKit/helping-hands-tool.jpg

My room is in the process of being extended and I'm planning to put it either directly on the wall or fit a screen to the wall I think...
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ive been measuring up and it looks like the screen is gonna drop down pretty low down to about 6" above the burner, thanks for the reply any one else?



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Regardless of any movement issues, you may well find that the screen surface will wrinkle due to heat. There is a post somewhere here where a Plasma TV seems to have caused a screen to wrinkle irreversably, so I'm sure a heater would be worse.


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I never use my projector screens above my fire place, when the fire is on, as it smells like highly volatile pear drops. I daren’t risk it.


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cool cheers guys, looks like new plans are needed i thought it sounded like a noob question but glad i asked. i wont tell the mrs the whole room layout is gonna have to change lol

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