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    I am going to make my own movie 4:3 screen by stretching a special screen fabric gain 1.0 over a wooden frame. The material is from a local dealer here in Sweden and is only £35 for 190 X 143 cm.

    I am going to mount my CRT projector on the floor under a table and as the screen can not be mounted all the way down to the floor due to a radiator there I want to tilt the upper part of the screen a few degrees forward and the projector's front the same amount upwards to keep the angle exact 90 degrees between proj and screen.

    My question is now, can the screen material begin to "hang" after some time out from the frame and make focus problems? I know it's hard to say, depends on the material of the screen fabric and so on.

    Maybe the best thing is to glue the screen material onto a heavy board wich will keep straight but I like the lighter frame construction.


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