Screen Juddering using Sky HD Box


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For the last week or so I have noticed a lot of screen juddering on my Pioneer 435XDE using a Sky HD box. I have been using the screen for over a year and this is the first time i've seen any juddering.

I have seen the subject being mentioned on the Pioneer Blog, but none of their recommended solutions have helped.

Any ideas?:(


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I am getting the same problem with my 435XDE, which is really starting to annoy me.
I am hopping that this problem goes away at the same time when a fix is found for the HDMI issue.


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Mine has only been doing it for the last two weeks or so. And it's also not on all channels. It's almost like digital break-up on the screen..?!

The Pioneer blog has posted some possible reasons/fixes but none of them have worked for me.


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I get this too and I have an Hitachi LCD, I've noticed it since I have had the box (basically since launch), some days it doesn't happen, some days it happens a lot. It is particularly noticable with news channels as you can see it clearly on the news tickers. No problems with HD channels, just SD ones.

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