screen help please


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buying a screen soon
thinking of drh screens
whats the diffence between matt white and high gain
which one will be the best??
all new to this so info will be great

Peter Parker

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A matt white screen ill reflect the image equally, whereas a high gain will be more directional and have a viewing 'cone'. If you move from say left to right across the screen, you'll notice it'll be slightly brighter in the middle than at the sides.

Do you need a high gain screen?

To know this, you'll need to tell us the screen size and projector.

A high gain screen will look brighter than a unity gain screen, all things being equal. It will also make your blacks less black, and that may be an issue for you (it is for some, but not everyone).



I'd suggest a matte white 1:1 or possibly 1.2:1 gain screen.

Retailers/manufacturers mentioned in recent threads here - DRH, Draper, Projecta etc.


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