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Sep 19, 2010
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Ok so i have a Epson EH-Tw450. in my current house the walls are white / slightly beige and i project direct to the wall, all have been fine for a year

but now moving to new house that has a slightly dark green(ish)/ wall.
So im thinking on getting a screen.

my old projected setup was as below, but the new size will be slightly smaller and less ambient light (ish) will still be used day time and night time.

taken with iphone so excuse quality folks...


and night time


whats recommended for my projector and situation..?


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if you are happy with your image as is, then the darker walls should make it better and having a slightly smaller image as well should contribute.

you haven`t said if you want a fixed frame or elec screen also budget would help us to help you.

Allan @ Ideal AV
Ideally under £200 and not bothered if fixed or elec.

I'm guessing a grey screen as this will be day use and evening some ambient light will be there

I've seen a few on eBay are they ok obviously you get what u pay for ....
if £200 is your budget i`d forget an elec screen as it will be very budget in manufacture and will probably curl and ripple

go with a fixed frame or make your own ;)
i have absolutly no time to make my own my work days are long and have little time for diy :( any suggestions for fixed?

id rather buy if possible?
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