Screen flickering TX-SR605 and PS3

Tim Gill

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I have my PS3 wired up to my onkyo TX-SR605 amp via HDMI to get all the sound formats and HD picture to my TV (Samsung LE-40M86BD, although I think this may be irrelavent to the problem).

When playing blu-rays the sound works perfectly, but the problem is that the picture is flickery, at first I thought it could have been the TV but when I plugged the PS3 directly into the TV via HDMI the picture is brilliant.

After fiddling with the settings on the ps3 I turned off the 24hz option which stopped the flickering but there is still another problem which is that the blacks are grey, but when I plug the PS3 directly into the TV the blacks are much blacker and how it should be.

Also I don't really know the issues with switching off 24hz

I know there are lots of solutions but none of them are great:

  1. Use optical cable and avoid HDMI passthrough which would fix picture but give me less audio options.
  2. Use an HDMI splitter to get HD audio and avoid the passthrough of the picture, but from what I have read this doesn't work very well.
  3. Firmware update, but I am not sure if this exists to fix the problem and if I would have to take it in to a service center or do it myself.
I don't understand why the amp can't pass the signal through without effecting the picture, I don't want it to process the picture in any way.

Can anyone please help.

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