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I had originally posted about this in the LCD TV forum but am now starting to wonder if this might be a PS3 problem rather than a TV problem;

After introducing a HDMI switching amp I started to experience a lot of screen flicker on my TV. I have changed the amp (thinking that was at fault) and tried different leads but this has not cured it. I have had the problem occur when using sources other than the PS3 through the amp, but generally it occurs when the PS3 is on (and generally when playing games rather than watching movies).

The flickering generally occurs in the top portion of the screen, it starts slow (i.e one flicker every few seconds) but then builds up to such a degree (a few flickers a second) that the TV goes in to standby. This is only on HDMI.

A quick call to John Lewis resulted in a enginer being dispatched who ultimately changed the video processing board on the TV. However I now experience problems whereby I am starting to lose colours on ALL TV cahannels, and the picture displays in one of the primary colours only. This all starts after the PS3 has been on.

I have had this flicker on 2 different HDMI sources running through my HDMI amp, I have had the problem with the PS3 plugged directly into the TV and have tried different leads.

What are the chances that the PS3 is setting of a chain reaction of events with my TV? Is it even possible that the PS3 can effect my TV picture even after it has been turned off? I'm at a loss as to what to do to resolve this.

As mentioned this started happening after introducing a HDMI switching amp but this could be coincidence. Leads have been changed and TV processing board has been changed leaving the PS3 as the only other variable.

Has anyone else experienced or heard about any other similar problems?
Never read about this problem before. I would imagine that a PS3 problem would get a lot of posts. You could try a new HDMI cable.

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