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I've got a cheap manual pull down screen which curls inwards along the left and right edges. I have looked on the forums and googled but can find little information about what causes screen curl and what you can do about it. It seems to happen with even some of the more expensive screens but is less of a problem if you have large black borders. Mine is borderlessand hangs infront of a black wall so borders aren't really necessary

Has anyone managed to fix screen curl? Leaving the screen rolled up doesn't seem to help. The scree has a reasonably weighty bar along the bottom - should I try hanging more weight on each end?

Anybody managed to reduce sreen curl without resorting to drastic measures like cutting off the screen material and fixing it on a frame?




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Basically, it's not really curable as such. The only way to avoid it is to buy a more expensive screen (with thicker, better quality & hence more expensive material) & use tab tensioning - although the lower end tab tensions seem to cause more problems than they cure sometimes ! Only way to get perfect flat at a budget price is to use a fixed screen - in these the material is taut over a frame & hence doesn't curl or ripple.

Some people seem to get reasonable results, but it's pretty much luck of the draw. I am on my third screen from NexNix & we tested another 5 or 6 in the shop & most of them exhibited curl in some form or other. My current screen is o.k., but still has edge curl on the border & slightly on the screen - although it's not noticeable once a movie is on.

Upshot of it is, you get what you pay for, but if you can put up with a few compromises, budget screeens can give a reasonable performance - just don't expect perfection for a few hundred quid !


P.s. - I did hear of someone filling the weight bar with silver sand to give it more weight & hence tension the screen a bit more, but with edge curl it's probably due to sloppy manufacture so unless you hang your car from it, it probably won't help much !


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Cheers Andy,

My screen was only £70 so I probably shouldn't complain!



PVA glue some material to the back of your screen down both sides about 8 inches wide, ( i recommend blackout cloth) it worked for me, mind and use pva glue as its water soluble if you dont like it , it just washes off :p

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