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Hi folks,

As we're still between homes and renting for a month i've had to improvise when using my pj - (sony hs1) i just have a few questions. Last night we watched Notting Hill Region 3 NTSC and on panning scenes there was a slight judder in the picture noticable. Is this due to the pull down used in NTSC material? If so is there anyway to eliminate it? Would a progressive scan player help?

The other point is that we were projecting onto a wall which was pained terracotta in colour and the picture was surprisngly good. When we get into our new house - hopefully by the end of November i will have a dedicated room for the pj and initially anyway i was planning on projecting onto one of the walls. I should be able to paint the wall what ever colour i like so my question is what is the best colour to use to get the best results?



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Yes its probably 3:2 pulldown judder. The only wayy to get rid of this is to use a refresh thats a multiple of 24 and hopefully get an HTPC or suitable deinterlacer to inverse telecine out the 3:2 pulldown. This isn't really an option in your case as the sony most likely has a native refresh rate of 60Hz on the panel itself regradless and feeding it anything other than this will involve the use of the units onboard/deinterlacer and scaler ... normally not ideal.

You might have gotten lucky with the terracota colour balancing with a likely greenish cat from the sonys bulb. It will be a bit hit or miss without proper colorimetry equipment and knowledge ( similar to the FLD filter use). If you like it go for it but bear in mind you'll likely be taking a hit on the peak brighness and may be losing osme detail near black.)

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