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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this topic.

Anyway, when my lcd projector overheated a while ago it created some screen burn in the middle of the image projected and now it still shows a slight bit of screen burn. i just came across this website today. basically they are selling a dvd which aparently removes screen burn. i was just wondering if it will work? or if there is something similar i can download from the web


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Big thread on it here:

When you say burn, what do you mean.... normally 'screenburn' refers to the ghosting of say the SKY logo in the top corner of your screen.

If you have a an LCD projector you may have a warped panel, due to overheating. I had an old panny where the central area had gone a touch yellow over the years.

If that's the case then the only cure is a tweak to the panels by a technician.

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