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My Panasonic TX-P50G20B is about 1 year old now, I watch a lot of Blu Rays and DVD's on it using 'cinema' mode with the contrast defaulting at about 75%. I've never used dynamic mode after reading the high contrast can burn the screen easier. However over the Christmas period I had a particularly lengthy stint on Assassins Creed Revelations on the PS3, only to discover to my horror that the life bar has burnt my TV in the top left.

Now I've read all the bits n pieces on the web saying that plasma burn has virtually been eradicated from new TV's but I can assure you it has not!

So my question now is does anyone know a good method to remove the burn or try to reverse it?



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It's IR, not burn. Try running the scrolling bar in the menus, that should get rid of it eventually.


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It's IR, not burn. Try running the scrolling bar in the menus, that should get rid of it eventually.
Just that the 20-series does not have the scrolling bars in the menus :p but it can be found somewhere in the service menu. I don't remember exactly where, but there should be explanations on the net describing how to find it.


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Thanks for your replies, I've taken a look at the JScreenFix, which appears to put pure white boxes over the area's I define as templates (the areas with the IR) however I'm not convinced that this will simply replace the images with a big white box! Perhaps I'm missing something...

On other investigation people say the IR will reverse after a period of time, as long as images are displayed over the affected area, this could take some time as the area affected is in the dark area of a letterbox display which is the majority of films now-a-days.

I also checked the service menu, got into it ok but wasn't sure how to navigate to the 'scrolling bars' and didn't want to press something that would do something wrong! it appears to navigate with the numbers on the remote but there is no guide to tell me what to press to go where?

Thanks for your help so far...

Ian Dudley

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Try finding a source of analogue white noise. i.e the 'snow' like an old fashioned set would show when you pulled the aerial out. Leave that playing overnight and it should help clear it out.


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JScreenFix has two options that may be a close match to this? It has Exercise and Snow Flash, both are meant for LCD but could be some benefit? I've tested both on my computer display and the Exercise seems to produce more 'movement' on the screen...

Thanks Ian

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