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Why are rear projection TV's and plasma screens more subseptable to screen burn than normal CRT TV's?

I'm just about to get SKY+ and slightly worried about screen burn on my Panasconic TH42PWD4 plasma. I tend to watch a lot of sport and I'm a bit worried about all the logo's and score box's that will be static on the screen!

I see some people use their plasma screens as PC monitors to surf the net, so with all the static parts of yor average browser (Internet Explorer, netscape, etc), isn't screen burn an issue afterall?

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It's an issue with all phosphor-based display devices, but regular TV's are less sensitive.

In plasma screens I think that the phosphors are pushed much harder than in regular sets to produce enough light output. This might make them more sensitive to bright and static images. I guess there might also be a greater build-up of heat around the phosphors in a plasma screen.

In RPTV's, it is simply caused by the projection guns being quite small. The actual CRT's in the set are only 5"-9" (commonly 7") and the picture occupies only part of the screens. So, the actual images are about half the size of a post card. In order to produce enough light for the large screen, the phosphors must be driven extremely hard. The heat is so great it must be dispersed with liquid coolant.


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Burn in on plasmas is real concern!
Better keep a spare tv for your playstations, etc.

The big 52" plasmas recently installed at a TV channel I saw recently barely lasted a day before having things like timecode, and logos burnt on!*
Any cure for the 'burn in'? I guess not, but as a plasma screen is an upgrade I'm thinking of I gotta ask.

* any home users got the 'BBC' logo or red dot image burnt in yet?

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