Screen Burn - Plasma Shelf life?


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I was wondering if some of you longer term Plasma owners could advise on the expected shelf life for a new PW5.

I have trawled the site and read various articles on Screen Burn but would be interested to hear from long-termers how their screens are fairing after a period of time.

Also be interesting to see who has had their Plasma the longest without any negative effects whilst detailing make/model/avg use time etc, etc.



Plasma is no more likely to suffer screen burn than any other format, just don't leave it set to one channel with a logo continuously for a week! I'm quoted 30,000 hours life for a Panasonic plasma and 15,000 hours for the new Samsung. Either way, it is a heck of a long time.


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That's not entirely accurate. LCD's are virtually immune to screen burn.

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Does anyone know how effective the 'screen saver' would be at fixing Screen Burn?

Assuming that you had burned the screen, does anyone know if the screen saver (Scrolling white bar) could actually fix it??


no it wont , once the pixels are burnt , the scrren saver hlps avoid them but will not repair. 1/2 term this week and childrens channels are the worst for the bright logo's.

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You missing a trick - there's a whole bunch of forums out there dedicated to stuff for kids:
Prams, Cots, Night lights, Food warmers, Back Packs, Car Seats, Mini TV's, Baby Monitors etc

Just think of all the questions :)


(Sorry Jon had to have a wee dig at you some time)

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Rather than try and test a display to destruction its best to recognise that screen burn is an issue and plan around it.

If after a long viewing session you do see some 'after image' - put your panel into its most effective screen saver mode; something to look out for when choosing your display.

Use the screen savers on a regular basis - its no good trying to 'fix' a badly burnt display; once its damaged its damaged.

Panasonic and Pioneer both have pretty effective screen saver modes and the latest models claim that the latest phosphors are less susceptible to screen burn than previous generations.

Panasonic D Models also have a screen 'wobble' mode - not great for 'movie' viewing but maybe OK for the kids if you want a bit of extra security and Pioneer MXE models have still image detection - again something you may not want to use all the time but easily switched on and off.

I own plasma displays that are near five years old and though not used every day they do get a hard life on exhibition stands and the like and they survive fine if you are careful with them.

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