Screen burn on 4 year old LG OLED TV - advise on our rights please!


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Just to add myself to the same issue. 2 year old OLED 55B7V, now permanent screen burn/image retention/incorrect colouration. This is a manufacturing fault and they know all about it. That’s why they offer the panel replacement at £200. Not happy about it and if I had the money to take them to a small claims court I’d win hands down thanks to the evidence on this thread and the reviews on LG’s own site. But £200 for a new panel that will last another couple of years is a lot better than having to buy a new TV.
This should not be happening and it should be a massive recall or free fix from LG but they won’t do that. I imagine they’re making a pretty big loss on the £200 panel replacement fixed price service anyway. Next step is to contact the retailer and see if they will refund me the £200 under the consumer rights act. But if you have this problem and can afford the £200 it’s a much better option than hating the TV every time you look at it.


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When you say "...if I had the money..." have you any legal expenses cover on your home insurance?

Or, to get the £200 back (pay them "under duress") is only £35 in the small claims court.

Stevie G

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We had a strange but very satisfying end to our problem. After waiting for months for the panel to come back in stock, phoning LG every couple of weeks to be told it'll be a few more weeks but warranty repairs would be done before ours, our of the blue we had a phone call from a new lady at JL asking if it had been resolved. We said no and explained our frustration, and she then said they would replace it and gave us a couple of LG options to choose from. We had a look at them and went back saying that we were reluctant to get another LG given our issue and their reluctance to accept the problems were not caused by the user and asked if we could have a Samsung instead, which they agreed to. A few days later the new Samsung came (along with the screen burn warranty Samsung now give) and the faulty LG was taken.

It was all a bit strange and unexpected, but very very welcomed. We could only guess that the new lady had taken over from who had been dealing with it and was sensible and reasonable about it and realised that they had been taking the proberbial in refusing to repair or replace it under warranty. Either way, we were very glad it was resolved.

Hope you get yours replaced or fixed, that sounds like another faulty panel.

Ron 123

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Hi all
My mum and step-dad bought a 55" LG OLED 55B6 about four years ago from John Lewis with a 5 year warranty.

About a month ago some dark blurred blocks appeared on the screen and have stayed permanently. They have contacted John Lewis who were going to send out an engineer. No engineer came out so my mum chased it and they then asked her to send them a video showing the issue. She did this, and they have now replied saying that it is screen burn and is not covered under the warranty.

My mum and stepdad are in their 70s and do not play video games and their TV only has normal use. They do not leave it paused for long periods and have no idea what could have caused the image burn to have appeared.

I can't see how this is caused by general use and to me is a fault with the device, and googling LG OLED screenburn suggests a lot of people have had similar problems through no incorrect/misuse of their own doing. I also can't see how in this type of thing is acceptable and manafacturers would think it OK for their TVs to display this size of issue.

What approach should we take and what are our rights on this issue? I feel John Lewis should at least still send out an engineer to inspect it properly instead of just fobbing us off with an email based on a video and a couple of photos saying it's not covered, and I just cannot see how marks this size would be considered acceptable under general use. Its not even like it's a cheap TV, you'd expect it to last considerably better.

I have attached a couple of photos to show how bad it is. It's not like a couple of dead pixels or a small block either, they're pretty damn big!


LG OLED is a hopeless failure. Mine (from John Lewis) lost red colour over most of the screen within 2 years. John Lewis has done everything it can to ignore the problem and has constantly failed to acknowledge that the product is not fit for purpose. I am now going to start legal proceedings against John Lewis, so if anyone wants to join in; please let me know.




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Is this an issue with LG TVs specifically or with any brand that uses LG OLED screens, e.g. Sony?


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Is this an issue with LG TVs specifically or with any brand that uses LG OLED screens, e.g. Sony?

All OLEDs TVs, LG are the only OLED panel manufacturer, so basically Sony, Panasonic etc all use OLED panels.

You probably will only ever see or hear LG this and LG that since LG usually has the better OLED TV prices going, hence more popular with consumers.

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