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Hi AV users,
I made the mistake of buying an Acer Aspire 3 laptop 18 months ago. Two months out of warranty, the left screen hinge broke. It's never been out of the house, barely gets open or shut, just sits on a table all day without much being asked of it. Super. I took it to the local computer repair bod who fixed it. "We've had a lot of this problem with these machines," he told me. Now the right hinge is breaking too -- the screen will barely stay upright and the bezel around it is starting to come away.

I could take it back to the local guy and hope that if he fixes the right one, it might remain solid like the left one has. But I don't have a lot of cash to keep doing this every few months. Years ago, I remember seeing a sort of angled clamp device that fixed to the body of a laptop and then clamped onto its screen to keep it in a fixed position -- a slim, unobtrusive thing about 180mm long, not one of these gadgets designed to fix a laptop to a table so it can't get nicked or position it high on a stand. I've tried Googling for one and have trawled Amazon but nothing comes up except for the latter kind of device. Any idea what it might be called or where I could get one, please?

Thanks for reading. I know this question is about as interesting as unsalted crisps. Any ideas much appreciated.

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