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While playing terminator 2 ultimate edition I've noticed that during the scene where the T1000 looks up John Connors name on the computer in the police car, that im missing the first character on each line. So instead of seeing "connor, john" on the screen I see "onnor, john". I've just played this scene on a friends portable player and the name was shown in full so it appears that I have a problem with my set up where the display seems to have shifted over to the left. does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be causing this shift and how I can resolve it?? Im watching it on the widescreen setting of my Philips 32PW9576 and im using the Sony DAVS 800 system ( i don;t know what the actual dvd player model is) and this is also set to 16:9. Thanks.


there is a option in the service menu which allows you to bring the picture in from the edges.(I did it on my panasonic) It must be slightly out. i dont know how to access the menu on this set though but any engineer can.




You didn't say, but is your dvd player set to output an RGB signal? If so, this could be the cause. You should be able to coreect this shift if you look through your tv's menu. There should something called RGB shift correction.



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I have a philips 32pw9525 and I had the same problem.
Firstly go to the service menu by typing in "062596i" and
select Alignments. Then select Normal Geometry and make
your adjustments.
Words of caution though:
By adjusting one level such as Vertical Amplitude you will
affect the other settings of your geometry so it would be
best if you used some form of calibration dvd.
I used the THX OPTIMODE that you get on some dvd's
such as Star-wars episodes 1 and 2.
Take note of the original setting numbers first before
storing any new setting just in case you mess things up
as I did originally.
After a lot of tweaking though, I can honestly say that
it was well worth it as now my geometry is excellent.


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Thanks for the info everyone. I'll have a play and let you know how i get on.

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