screen advise neeeded sanyo plvz2



I would very much appreciate some adivce. I have a sanyo plvz2 since it was first released dec 03. I`ve been more than happy with it, got sky HD and was blown away by some early stuff but more and more I think the picture could be better.

1. does an old bulb dim?
2. My room is dark and my screen is about 100" diag, from reading would a white matt screen do?
3. I was thinking of making a screen myself, I have quite a bit of lens shift applied to projector would this matter on a screen with borders?
4. I guess the biggest question of all, I am currently projecting onto a white wall, is a screen worth it? I was told by a guy back in 2003 who saw a sharp proj onto a white wall and he got a trial of a screen, he told me not to bother..

thanks in advance


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I would go for the screen if I were you, and if your handy with the DIY side of things build your own its not difficult. Heres a source for the screen material. They can supply it at the normal gain of 1.1 or if you want something brighter a 1.3. Just build a simple 2by1inch frame and attache. I did with my 82inch and am more than happy with the picture from my panny700.


thanks, is that the fabric you used? I was looking at that website this morning. The diy side isn`t a problem.. how much tension is needed, I take it there isn`t much elasticity in the screen?

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I would be careful using high gain material, depending on your viewing position. If you're off centre you can lose some picture clarity. Normal gain should be fine with the Z2.

Hope this helps.


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i saw this post and would like to inquire if with a pj Infocus SP4805 the normal gain will be sufficient or not?

To make the screen a fixed one don´t i need to make a structure to attach into the wall or i can attach the fabric with the borders into the wall?

sorry about this maybe newbie question, but i´m a newbie in pj screens.


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