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Hello everyone i recently got a xfx 5670 1gb ddr5 and love it, been trying different resolutions and does the job.

However, since this now has hdmi i was wondering which offers the best bet, i have a 32 inch 1080p LG screen with a 50000:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time, and a 22 lg monitor vga, with a 8000:1 contrast ratio and a 5ms response time.

Now obviously the lg is the best, but it is a large screen, and i don't want to strain my eyes, would the 32 inch be a better bet for gaming and desktop use, or am i better using the slightly lower spec lcd monitor?

Thanks, i can provide the model numbers if this would help!


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Strange one this,now id say try the 32" and if you get eye strain or are unhappy id move to the 22".......:smashin:

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Contrasts don't usually tell the true story and a lot are just media spin to attract those who like the sound of big numbers.

Personally the only way you will find out is by testing each screen and it also depends on what type of gaming you are doing?

If it's sitting at a computer desk with a mouse and keyboard then personally i'd say 32" too big, if it's on the sofa and sitting a distance then it would be fine.

Also does that card had a VGA port or is it DVI?


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thanks for the replies il try it out, well i have a few games and play them a fair bit, despite my budget gpu :( the card has dvi and hdmi which at the moment is being connected via vga using an adapter.

The tv would be on my desk, and i thought as the contrast ratio is both lg screens that this would be accurate?

As you said it's probs best to try it out, but ive found it hard to find a definitive answer about 1080p tvs as screens versus older 720p monitors.

Also the monitor is 16:10 and tv is 16:9 and was wondering if this is a advantage/disadvantage in desktop use/games?

Many thanks and happy Christmas :)

oh and the screens are TV -
Monitor -
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Go for the monitor.

TVs have an extremely low pixel density (Also known as PPI - Pixels per inch). If you sit too close, you'll more than certainly see the 'black dots'. Like Dave said above, if you're a good few feet away, you can get away with a TV; if you're going to use it as a multipurpose HTPC (Home Theater PC). If you're going to have it on a desk, infront of you, I recommend a monitor.

Pixel density is far more important than resolution. The higher the PPI, the better the image.

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TheNameIsJambo makes a good point.

Some people think 1920x1080 will look the same regardless of monitor size which isn't true.

1080p on a 50" TV gives you 44 pixels per inch
1080p on a 24" Monitor gives you 92 pixels per inch which is more than double.

Some aren't bothered bu there is a noticable difference the bigger the screen when the res is kept the same.

Sega Mega Dave

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thanks ill stick with the monitor then, i think my eyes will be relieved :)

End of the day if you have them there then the only way to find out which you prefer is to test them.

We're all different so what one may like the other may not. It won't cost you anything by trying them for an hour each and seeing which you prefer.


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oh and final thing :), what resolution would you suggest i run games on, from my q6660 @ 3.0ghz 4gb ddr3 ram, and 5670 1gb ddr5 :)

Games like Crysis, Red Faction Arm etc.

Thanks, new to the pc gaming thing.

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