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I bought an 8 foot electric projection screen a couple of years ago which was great but over the months it has developed waves across the screen which really affect panning scenes. I contacted the supplier and they said it was now out of warrenty :(

I'm now looking at replacing the screen, and have thought about a tab tensioned screen rather than a conventional one because of what happened to my old screen. I have 4 questions:

1. Should these screens have a flatter surface, and will it deteriate over time?
2. Was I just unlucky or is this a common problem?
3. Do you think a tab tensioned screen is worth the extra(double) money?
4. Also, I have a NEC HT1000 DLP projector, bearing in mind I suffer from rainbows at times, should I go for less or more gain(if this makes any difference at all?)




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A few answers:

1: Yes , and they shoudl theoretically stay flat.

2: Screen ripples in non-tensioned light-weight fabric screens are common.

3: Personnaly no I don't think they are worth the extra. My main reasoning behind this is that at Vutec (I work for the UKdistributor) we have a 'heavy-weight' internally tensioned fabric that will hang flat without tab-tensioning. It'scalled VuFlex-Pro, 1.3 gain. Cost is approximately 2/3rds that of a tab-tensioned screen.

4: If it's got a good contrast ratio a 1-1.3 gain screen should work best.

ED: My KB at work has a dodgy space bar.


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Should read 2/3 Gary, I'm pretty sure that's what I typed, not to worry corrected now.

Peter Parker

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Sometimes when my anti-virus software kicks in and checks my mail, it can prevent a few keystrokes from registering, so I end up with entire words missing sometimes.

At least, that's my excuse. :)


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That'snothingsometimesmyspacebarstopsworking:D .


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You think that's bad, I put something on ebay last night and it read:

arantz SR7200 hoe cinea ap

Bloody M key :D


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So Retro, how much would I pay for a 16:9 Lectric I with Vu-Flex Pro material, size 128x227?

Whats the material thickness, say compared to most screens ie Owl

Whats it like for accurate geometry ie is it 16:9?

What about ripples?

Do you have any pics of this screen you could post?


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Retro - I would also be interested to know about your screens. Now that I've read numerous other posts about screen ripples, I gather this is quite a common issue. I'll have to start thinking about using a fixed screen instead if I cannot find a perfectly flat electric screen, but the wife won't like that!

I'd really like to get this sorted before 'Return of the King' is out on DVD;)

I'd be looking to get VuFlex-Pro 16:9 6 footer, if there is one?



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Any size is possible, all screens are custom made. You can have any aspect ratio, to sizes of 1/4" (6mm) (does that make sense?).

Pricing wise you'll need to speak with your local HC dealer, we supply the vast majority of the custom install independants and larger chains such as Auido-T and Sevenoaks etc.

If you would like some literature and a screen sample PM me and i'll get something in the post to you.


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Always glad to be of help.


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