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Morning all.

It's been a while since i've been that active in this part of the forums and I must admit that my projector activity has been pretty non-existent of late. This is something I am hoping to rectify.

I currently have an Epson TW6000 projector, hooked up in my home (5m x 3m) garden office. I have just been using it on a home made screen in there, made from blackout fabric, which to be fair has done a reasonable job. Sadly, it just never really gets used as we all prefer to sit in the living room on an evening. I am therefore looking to keep my office as just an office (albeit with a TV in there for gaming if required) and am looking to move some gym equipment into there as well.

So, I am therefore looking to bring the projector into the living room, to get some use out of it. We currently sit in a fairly large bay window and have a 9th gen Kuro TV on the opposite wall. This in itself is not ideal as the blinds need to be closed to avoid glare (especially in summer). The plan is therefore to move the sofa's to the wall where the TV is now and to move the TV into the bay window. I also then plan to have a projector screen (electric would be nice, but manual would do and is more budget friendly), which is installed at the front of the bay alcove and would pull down infont of the TV etc.

So far i've looked at the Grandview Cyber screens and the Sapphire screens and am thinking either 106" or 120" (probably 106"). We would be sat around 3.5 metres (11' to 12') from the screen and this seems to fit in with the throw of the projector. Room decor is white ceiling, a stone coloured wall and a darkish purple rear wall (where we would be sat).

The projector is pretty reasonable and i'm happy with that. The blacks aren't great, but it's a pretty bright machine. I'm thinking that something pretty low gain would be best and have read a fair bit about grey screens (which seem to be outside of my price bracket). I could probably stretch to around £700 for an electric, but more realistically will be looking for around £300 - £400 for a manual as my sub has just failed and i've just have to shell out £400 for a new one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a pic of the bay, but it's hard to get a decent photo of it due to the light.


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Bump...there must be someone out there with a better idea about screens than me. Would the Grandview screens be a good match for my projector, given the room/decor? The room is basically a 4 metre box with a bay window as shown.

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