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First of all, hello this is my first post. Please be gentle

After a fair amount of research and several changes of heart over the last couple of months I have finally decided on the equipment that will make up my first home cinema, as follows.

Onkyo TX NR609 Amp
Tannoy HTS101 Speaker Package
Epson EH TW3200 Projector

My issue is with the screen, I am not sure which manufacturers are the better ones and which to avoid, I am after a manual pulldown screen (it is to be mounted on top of bookcases and will pull down in front of them), and my budget is about £400 max. I have read that curling and rippling can be an issue with these types of screens unfortunately I can not afford a tab tensioned one and a fixed one is not really practical for my needs as it has to be able able to disappear when not in use.

I have seen a couple of options -

Panoview Manual Pull Down - 234cm x 132cm (16:9) DS-9106PMG+
Panoview Manual Projector Screens

Leader Manual Projection Screen - 234 x 131.6cm
Leader Home Cinema Manual Projection Screens

Beamax R-Black Screen (10230) 244x141cm
Beamax R-Black Screen (10230) 244x141cm 16:9

Any advice on these screens or any others that might be suitable would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to the Forum. :)

Choice of screen is heavily dependent on room conditions.

Can you give information on wall/ceiling colour and how light-controlled your room is, then one of the experts can advise.

(Is that gentle enough?)


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Hi, yes that is gentle enough thank you.

The walls in the room are a gold colour which is probably more like a dark olive type colour, certainly not particularly reflective. The ceiling is a lighter olive colour. The room is north facing so doesn't receive a huge amount of daylight and I also have blackout curtains which will be in use most of the time when wathching movies although I suppose I may watch football etc with some low level lighting in the room.

I have also just discovered Grandview screens, are these any good?



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