Scream - What's the best version?

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My collection includes Scream 1 & 3 Collectors Editions, but the Scream disc is far inferior to Scream 3 in terms of picture. It's got a pretty grainy non-anamorphic picture, which is really off-puting these days.

I remember a few years back a Jap (uncut) release appearing, and I recently managed to find it on Amazon Japan's website.

Is this the best version to replace my copy with for sound and picture? And could you recommend anyone better to get it than Amazon Japan, who'll undoubtedly charge an amrm and a leg for postage.


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Had a look round the usual horror online stores but coudnt find anything. I'm 90% sure they was a release might have been norweign (?spelling) also a box set as well both had the directors cut - as its pal the quality would be better than the japanese and it would be cheaper. I'm sure one of the other horror fans on the board will be able to help out with more details

Rambo John J

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You want the Danish version of the directors cut. It's only available in a double pack with Scream 2 (if I remember right) but you can get it here

If you email them they're normally happy to help you out ordering (the site's in Danish only) if you don't speak the lingo as they all speak good English. Although a friend of mine recently managed to work it out despite not speaking Danish.

Rambo John J

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If anyone wants the Rambo guide to ordering in Danish, these are the instructions I just followed to successfully place my first order for the uncut versions of Caligula, Henry: portrait of a serial killer, and The Deer Hunter for a staggeringly low £11.:eek:

I quote....

Simple as sin... select "Kob" to buy... look to the left and you'll see what's in your basket. Then select the "T" word next to the piccy of a till. Then go through setting up an account and select the "G" word at the end.

I followed that, so it must be easy.
They follow a similar layout to most online retailers.

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