Scratching andcrackling from tweeter


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Hi guys,

I have a pair of Monitor Audio B4 Floorstanders, which I've had for about 2 months now, and would imagine that they are now broke/burnt in.

Although recently when playing music, ( cd's and vinyls ) and also some dvds, ive been getting a really horrible sound coming from my left hand tweeter.

Sounds like a consistant scratching crackling.

I know most of you are thinking that i've had the volume up too high and blown the tweeter, but the highest i've ever had the amp on is -30. Surely this level cannot blow the tweeter.

Just need some advice on if you guys defo think this is a blown tweeter or possibly a defective tweeter which has only become aparent since the speakers have been run in.

I have a Marantz 5400 that the speakers are connected to using QED Silver Ann biwire cable.

Any advice as to this is something on my system causing this or its a defective speaker, before I get onto my retailer.

Thanks in advance


PS. If you need more info on my system in order to solve this one please mention it.

Ian J

Try swapping the speaker leads over at the amp end. If the scratching moves to the other speaker it would seem that the fault is in the amp or source.

That is rather unlikely though and it does seem that you have a faulty driver


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ok just tried that, and yep still getting horrid sound from the same speaker ! guess its a faulty speaker then ! damn it.




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It could just be a loose wire within the speakers,the wires on my tweeters are just held on with spade connectors.


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Could well be a loose wire, but dont fancy taking the speaker apart to find out ! I pretty much know nothing about speaker insides, so havnt got a clue what i'd be looking for anyways !




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Guys, Just thought i'd update on this. My retailer mailed me a Brand New tweeter from monitor Audio and all is fine now. It's now a pleasure to listen to music and watch dvds again.

I just hope this one doesn't go after the 60 hours use.



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