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scratches on silver hd5


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Hi folks,

I got a scratch on the front of the casing on my silver hd5 over the weekend and i'd like to try and shift it... does anyone know of a solution? Is there a touch up paint i could use or anything like that? ?

My silver HD5 has a dent or two on the back and also a scratch. The black one I had before I sent it back for repair was a lot more robust.


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hey iam saving up for one of those. When i get mine i kid you not i am gona put a protective sticker as soon as i take it out off the box and stuff it into leather case..
Atleast i would a get a good re-sell value if i want to sell it....how about that for an expensive mp3 player?


my black is scrached up a bit too, well i dropped it about 7 times
but i didnt buy it for looks so i dont really care


You can buy custom silicone 'skins' for the HD5 on ebay, that cover up the whole of the unit, and give some protection. I bought a blue one for my silver HD5 and it's really rather nice, though a bit, well, not for the faint-hearted... ;)


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both my mates bought an hd5 and ****ed the cases up in a few weeks. Dude A we'll call him took the plastic sheet of the front of it and almost immediatly put a massive scratch half way across it. Dude B went one step futher, he was skating home with it in his hoodie pocket, it fell out he rode over it! It now has massive dends in it and looks like its been hit with a hammer numerous times


The build quality of the HD5 is apalling in comparison with the HD3.

My HD3 never got so much as a scratch in the 6 months or so I owned it, whereas my HD5 has numerous scratches, a gash on the plastic at the top and two dents on the back, after about a month of owning it.

:nono: Sony.

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