Scratched Discs/Non-Players.....Now Fix 'em


DTS Rocks !

Hi all,i found these guys very helpful with a non-playing dvd and a scratched PC game disc.Now they work better than ever.They are Give them a shot,a hell of a lot cheaper than buying another copy ! :smashin:


Do you work for the company or are you just being helpful :)

DTS Rocks !

No,i do not work for them,i read an article in a computer mag about them,tried them out,was very pleased with the result.They couldn't fix the PC game disc,scratch was too deep,refunded my money on that one though,which was even better.Just trying to help,as my Home Cinema setup is very important to me,so i always read these forums. :smashin: :hiya:

G a f f e r

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even cheaper long term than EITHER of those if you just buy Disc Doctor repair gizmo from HMV or Virgin

neh neh n neeeeh neh ;)


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As a word of warning on what NOT to use is a product called "Wipeout CD repair Kit". It's supposed to clean DVD with a supplied NON-abrasive cloth and liquid. All I can say is the 2 DVD's I had with slight faults ended up with many faults. The DVD's ended up with millions of small scrathes that were visible and looked as though I used a brillo pad !!! (I kid you not). Using the cloth only and my breath alone created millions of scarthes and I don't think it's my breath !.

The thing is it came from many good revews from famous magazine?

Avoid like the plaque, although it may work for CD music - I haven't tried it.

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