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A couple of weeks ago, I took delivery of a Sony Bravia KDL55XE9305 TV from Richer Sounds. So far, I've been very happy with it - I haven't noticed any screen problems and the picture is beautiful. However, I was standing up close to it in the sunlight this morning and I noticed a small, diagonal hairline scratch in the bezel and also a couple of blemishes in the black screen surround in the top left and top right corners of the screen.

By the looks of it, the marks are in the plastic anti-glare layer of the screen.

I have not been able to get a photo of the scratch, but the 2 blemishes can be seen in the attached photos.

To be honest, you can't see these marks or the scratch when viewing and can really only see them if you go looking up close. However, now I know they are there, they might as well be signposted in neon.

The question is, should I really have cosmetic issues like this with a TV that cost £2400?


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Those dots seem to be in identical places on either side of the screen, so they could well be something to do with it's construction rather than dings from rough handling.


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It does look rather battered, doesn't it. Somehow the camera has made it look much worse than it actually is.

EndlessWaves could be right about the dots. I'm going to try and look at a store model in my lunch hour tomorrow. However, the scratch is now catching my eye every time I am up close to the set so I think I am going to call RS.

I just hope I am not opening a can of worms which leads to me getting a string of faulty ones!


However, the scratch is now catching my eye every time I am up close to the set so I think I am going to call RS.
Why is it a problem if you can't see these small blemishes from normal viewing distance and are otherwise loving the TV? I also concur with the construction theory regarding the dots.
I just hope I am not opening a can of worms which leads to me getting a string of faulty ones!
You know what's going to happen, and you're still going to do it.. ;)


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I went down to Currys this lunchtime to inspect their display model. I must have looked really shifty because, of course, the corners of their screens are covered with labels, so I had to wait for staff to move out of range and then rip the labels off (and, unlike the cheaper models, the labels were stuck on with sticky tape so I had to give them a fair old yank!).

Anyway, the dots are part of the construction.

Last night, when I was watching the TV and marvelling in the amazing picture, I thought to myself that I would be stupid to return the set just for a 1 cm long scratch, but this morning it caught my eye again.... :confused:

It is only in clear the plastic layer - if only that could be replaced.


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Might sound stupid but are you certain the bezel hasn't got a protective film on it ....


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I've wondered that, and there is a film over the whole screen, but there's no tab or anything to pull it off with. I don't want to risk trying to peel it off with my nails. I think it's meant to be there.

Anyway, I've spoken to RS to see what my options are. They've asked for a picture of the scratch so I've tried one more time, this time with my phone camera, and have managed to take the attached photo.


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Most new TV's DO COME with a protective film covering the bezel.
No one has asked...was your new Tv delivered in a sealed box?


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There's definitely no film on the bezel, just on the screen itself. I don't think it's meant to come off because it goes underneath the Sony Bravia logo.

The scratch is just below the bezel, on the black border around the edge of the screen.

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