Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Titans of Cult #13) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: - HMV - WB Shop UK - Zavvi

Release date: 27/09/2021

Status: Available to Pre-order


SP_ToC (packshot).jpg

Collector's Set includes:
  • 'Everything SUX' Collectable SteelBook
  • Sex Bob-omb Enamel Pin
  • 1 x Randomised Lucas Lee 'Fake' Movie Poster - Action Doctor / You Just Don't Exist / Let's Hope There's a Heaven / Thrilled to be Here /


  • SP_ToC (case).jpg
    SP_ToC (case).jpg
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  • SP_ToC (pin).jpg
    SP_ToC (pin).jpg
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    SP_ToC (packshot 2).jpg
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Just on the heels of the Zavvi release? The quality of the 4K was decent so worth picking up if anyone missed it before.


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Not impressed with the direction ToC have taken recently. As said above, strange film choices and mediocre quality.


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I got 3 ToC Steels. Thankfully I didn't pay full price and got them for around £20.

1. 2001 ASO
2. V for Vendetta (has some scratches)
3. Pacific Rim

I am beginning to hate the outer cover and thinking of binning them. Feels like excess fat lol.
Also I won't be purchasing any more ToC unless the artwork is good. Personally I prefer theatrical poster artwork and gloss finish. No wonder Asian premium Steels use them consistently and they get sold out quick.


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3 for me too.

WW (still sealed lol)
V for V
Mad Max

Missed out on a couple. The rest i've either not been interested in the artwork or the movie.

reckon at least half of their dozen or so releases are not even cult classics either. I mean Pacific Rim :rolleyes:

As above, some of the Asian releases look amazing. Amazing price though admittedly.

Only an ok ish film for me so this one's another pass.

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