Scorpion King DTS ???


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Just received Scorpion King Widescreen Collectors Edition (DTS/DD) from Future ent but there is no DTS markings at all on the packaging ???

Anyone watched it yet and confirm if it does indeed have DTS or has Future ballsed up ?



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I don't think it has DTS at all, DVDfile made no mention of it in their review.


There's no dts on The Scorpion King region 01 release.
This was also done by Universal with The Mummy Returns which did not feature dts either.

As far as I heard the region 02 release of The Scorpion King will feature dts on dvd.
I would like to point out this is not ifficial as of yet !


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I wouldn't count on the UK R2 having DTS either. Universal seem to have done a Uturn on including DTS soundtracks as the last few releases haven't had one. I'll try and find out some info from an inside source.


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Well decided to keep it anyway.

Just looking through the extra's and watched the Godsmack video then the trailer for the film, then I watched the very brief teaser for The Hulk and omg nearly blew the living room window out :) cant wait for this sometime 2003.

Oh and the sound in the menu screens comes up as DPLII Decoding on me amp.


Not a bad film, surprisingly. I saw it last night and thought it was pretty funny in places with enough action and not too much syrup to enjoy. Kelly Hu is a cracker - made for a Beavis and Butthead moment when she was in the wash pool:eek:
Though it made a mockery of Mummy Returns with mate being all good etc. - though I suppose that was a later event.
Still, I also saw Collateral Damage and boy does that stink. Arnie relies on the Terminator stare too much and little else - avoid.


I got a bit more news for you today.

I received the specs for The Scorpion King in my country Holland and I can confirm it does feature dts sound.

This does not mean it will feature dts in the UK or anywhere else for that matter ofcourse.



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This film is mixture of conan and mummy films. I've quit enjoyed it and I think it will do well when it comes out.


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Does it contain a Dolby Digital EX sound track? Theres no mention on the case.


The Australian rental release also has a DTS track but no extras.
Would expect this to stay for retail with extras on 2nd disk, is due out 1st week of Dec. Also is I believe uncut unlike UK ? again problem with headbuts here.
It is also R4 only unlike many Universal releases so may be different to UK.
There is a review up on Michaeldvd

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