Scientific research about Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG, kindly asking players of all skill levels to help by filling a 5 min survey! (:


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Hi there AVForums!

tl;dr: Fill this academic survey if you want to help game research and are 18 years or older: Spatial analysis in gaming and eSports: a survey

I'm Timo Ijäs and I'm doing research about gaming for my master's thesis at the University of Helsinki. I focus on four games of different genres, including Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG. There's lots of hidden potential in data analysis that could help players improve their game. My study focuses on spatial analysis, a fancy word for analyzing positions, the map, movement, and so on. I've made a questionnaire that has 16 questions and takes 5-10 minutes to fill. You don't need any special knowledge about the topic to answer, just some playtime with one of the games and at least 18 years of age! I kindly ask players of all skill levels to answer the survey and help game research! :)

Link to the Google Forms survey: Spatial analysis in gaming and eSports: a survey

I'm open for discussion in the comments! And when I'm done with the thesis, I promise to return with the results! Thank you!

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Academic survey

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