Schindler's List : Which version ?


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Jul 13, 2000
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Hi all

At present dvd compare recommend the R1 of this title

Im confused at to which version to go for : advertise the region 2 :
Schindler's List - Special Edition Box Set

and, advertise the region 1 :
Schindler's List (Collector's Gift Set)

Which is the best version to go for?
Where would be the best place to buy the region 1 version to
avoid import duties and taxes.

Thanks for your advice.

Well if you get the Region 1 Giftset from PlayUSA you will no doubt be hit with Customs Charges but then again the only other place I know of which wont give you custom charges is Movietyme and they want £49.99 for the set. want ~£37 for the R1 gift set, and you won't get hit by customs with them.

Oh... they also have the 2-disc Master and Commander for ~£18... want £24.99!!
Originally posted by ldoodle want ~£37 for the R1 gift set, and you won't get hit by customs with them.

Oh... they also have the 2-disc Master and Commander for ~£18... want £24.99!!

dvdbox office sounds like a good option, but isnt their r1 dvds
covered in french writing and different from USA R1 dvds?

cheers for the hint! ;)
It's hit and miss with the french covers... some have them and some don't.

Bit annoying but I can live with it... if they had any sense, they would put english on side and french on the reverse. Though I don't think Schindler's List will be dual language thankfully (box sets generally aren't)! :smashin:
Hi all

Over the past couple of days Ive had a look at the dvd
specification of this title and it seems on the subtitles sections
they all differ!

Last year I made the mistake of buying the region 1 of
band of brothers and found that it didnt have any
english subtitles. I had to ebay it and get the Korean Military
edition. I dont want to make the same mistake with this title, states it does have english subtitles.and & says it doesn't.

Which product description is accurate?

Pls check the following links:

This is getting so confusing! :(

Play Customs Charges???

Right, I think I've sussed out whats going on... When I add Master & Commander to the basket on Play, no problems, when I add the 2 disc special edition to the basket I get a warning stating that I might get charges, so presumably this is the customs charges your refering to... Why is it that some discs attract this message and others don't?

Sorry if it's a simple question asked many times before...

Edited to say: meant PlayUSA

If its over £18 then i believe customs can charge extra if it's under they cannot, unless you fill in a form stating its a gift from someone or to someone then you are allowed upto £35.

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