Schiit Modius Vs Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M

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Hi fellow Hi Fi Enthusiasts
I'm looking forward to upgrade my DAC gear, and willing to pay for quality,
but I'm struggling to choose because I don't have the possibility to directly compare the two options
And the synopsis is the following,
My current and only DAC was a humble little studio Audio Interface Steinberg UR12 and JBL LX300 studio Monitors ,and its fine for studio work, but dew to the fact that I recently have upgraded my HIFI system with the Meze 99 Classics Headphones ,Marantz PM 68 Amplifier,(not really on the topic of digital audio Thorens TD280 MK II turntable with the AT-VM95 cartridge) ,I understood that there is more to the sound quality and most of the elements in my system are of Higher Rank than my DAC and now its the bottleneck in my system,
I listen mostly to hi res flac 24.96;24.192 vinyl rips ,44.1 flac, less frequently 320 mp3
So the options I am choosing from are
Schiit Modius & Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M
(Its good for my future upgrade that both of them have a balanced output because in the more distant future I am planning to get a pair of active studio monitors ,but that's a different topic)
The Modius is having a point on good bang for buck ratio (200$) ,and personally for me its attractive because of its simplicity in general and design,
But there's a catch!
I am very uncomfortable with the fact that it doesn't support any DSD ,as well as My current one ,while My Fiio X5 II does up to DSD 128,and I want to have the possibility to listen DSD in my Main system ,now that I have files, and the possibility to listen it on the go ,because it would be very nice to synchronise my music library, at home and on the go ,also I have read on forums that Schiit Modius has trouble with stock in Europe, And here The Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M comes in, it's a different sound and more than twice as expensive (500$), but now there is DSD 512 support and a beautiful chart of LEDs to indicate the sample rate; file type of the stream Hallelujah!
After watching and reading(that wasn't expected)many reviews ,
I understood that I don't want The Modi 3+,because Modius is higher class ,
Not Topping D10/10S/E30 because of thin bass response, not Chord Mojo because its more mobile, the form factor that I don't need.
What's your take on my choices?
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