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Just bought a Panasonic Widescreen TX 36PD30. it has 4 scarts and i have realised that i have forgotton all i knew about cables - old age.

i am intending wiring up my Pioneer DVD, Pioneer Tuner (home cinema), NTL digi box and VCR (all 2 years old now - my wife wouldnt let me invest in replacing them - they are all good kit anyway).

i know i am a diddy for asking - any smart folk out there willing to share their expertise?


Ian J

Most people post here as they don't have enough sockets and wonder how to connect everything up but that is one problem that you don't have.

The TV has component inputs and if your DVD player has component outputs I would suggest that you use them for the best possible picture. If it doesn't have component outputs, use a decent scart cable and connect it to AV1 socket on the TV.

The audio side will be handled by a digital coaxial or optical cable from the DVD player to the Home Cinema Amp.

The Digibox should have a decent scart cable into the other RGB socket on the TV with a second (cheaper) cable running from the second scart socket on the Digibox to the VCR with another cheap cable running from the VCR to a spare scart socket on the TV.

A pair of phono cables from the audio outputs on the TV to your Home Cinema Amp will take care of the sound from Digibox and VCR


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Mighty Moderator........you have been at this a while - you succesfully answered what was going to be my second question - is it worth investing in decent scart leads for any of the components?

CPC sell PURES NIC high perfrmance scart cable at around £12 - seems cheap? should i consider PROFIGOLD OxyPure at around £20?

thanks for the help Ian!


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My recommendation with Scart leads is to look at the product yourself and decide if it looks well built or not. I use the Philex Thor Scart with good results but havn't tried the one's you mention. Is the cable reasonably chunky? Are the terminations big, solid and made of metal?

Ian's guide on where to use the best scart leads is a sensible starting point.

I'd suggest going for models with all 21 pins connected ("fully wired") to save confusion though.
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