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Scart to VGA?


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y girlfriends parents won this monitor in a competition

Hitachi Digital Media Group - Ultra Thin - 32" (81cm V) - UT32MH70
Hitachi Digital Media Group - Ultra Thin - 32" (81cm V)

The competition was advertised as a TV but obviously it isn't (despite being a brilliant looking screen)

Bundled with it was a set top box (freeview)which takes care of the monitors only HDMI input. The only other input is a VGA slot.

What they would like to do is connect their standard sky box to it too.

Without spending a fair bit on a Scart>HDMI then an HDMI Swithcer is there a way of going from the Sky Scart to the VGA on the Monitor.

I tried buying a Scart to VGA cable from Ebay but it never worked



Stephen Neal

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How about replacing the Freeview box with a Freeview DVD Recorder with an HDMI output, and an RGB SCART input? (Sony do them)

Plug the Sky box TV SCART into the DVD Recorder's RGB SCART, the aerial into the DVD Recorder, and the DVD recorder via HDMI to the TV.

That will convert the Sky RGB SCART input to HDMI, allow you to watch Freeview via HDMI, and allow you to watch DVDs via HDMI (and record Freeview and Sky to DVD?)

Not the cheapest solution - but a neat one?

(Most VGA inputs are 60Hz only and don't accept 50Hz SD interlaced signals - so unless the Hitachi has a non-standard input, a SCART to VGA converter - it may need to be a sync blaster cable as SCART uses combined H+V syncs whereas the VGA standard has separate H and V sync connections and won't normally accept mixed H+V syncs on a single connection)
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