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    i like many others have purchased the 32pf9986 - had a VERY quick look at it last night and was not impressed with the picture quality, the girlfriend even more less impressed!

    Ive had a word with JIMSAN as hes helped me with some questions in the past - he advised to purchase some better scarts than the cheap plastic ones i already have.

    so i bought 2x scart to scart leads @ £6.99 each from
    These will be used to connect my sky to TV (in EXT1) , also DVD player (EXT2) , im going to keep the plastic scart lead for PS2 (this plugs into side of set) - should i buy a new cable to connect PS2?

    I keep hearing everybody on the forum talking about connecting dvd players with progressive scan or component something something something...... I have NO IDEA what your all talking about -

    The way ive set it up just using scart to scart - is this not how to do it? - Sorry if this is a real dunce question....which i know it is - but i dont know the answer and I may as well get the best out of the set!
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    Hello mate, Jimsan helped me as well with my 32PF9986, and Its looking great at the mo. I think your situation will depend on what connections you have available on the DVD player, so if you have RGB outputs on the back of it, which i understand to be known as componant output then your better off getting the cable outputs from that and feeding them into the DVI adapter set you got with the screen, that will get you the best DVD quality without updating that unit so far as I know? Jimsan may be able to translate this into better more understanding words!!

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