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Scart to RGB? Build a sync stripper!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by PeeWee, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. PeeWee


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    This forum helped me out quite a few times. So I'd like do share something that I consider very useful in return, for anyone who has Scart-RGB to plasma problems:

    There's a very cheap but solid solution. Ik found a webpage that described a circuit using a specialized sync-stripper chip. I build it for about €10,- total cost (I already had an adapter between 5 and 12V) and it works marvellous!!! It provides me a far better and sharper picture than just using composite signal. Converter boxes you buy (for much, much more) do just the same.

    How it works? Well, nothing is done with the RGB coming from the scart (of a sat receiver in my situation), but a horizontal and vertical synchronization signal is deduced from the composite signal and can be passed to the plasma (MXE). Well, read it yourself and have fun.


    Greetings, PeeWee

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