scart to rf?


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I have a freeview box connected to my tv via rf out and was wondering if i connect another device via scart into the freeview box will this signal go down the rf of the freeview box?


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Can't answer that with 110% surity, but I would say with 99.999999999% positivity that no, it wouldn't.....

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Out of interest, what Freeview box do you have? I was under the impression that most freeview boxes just loop through the RF signal to your TV and that they don't actually "transmit" an RF signal to your TV. The freeview picture is normally transmitted via Scart, and even then probably via composite. Some higher end models may have RGB on Scart, but I'd be interested to learn if any models actually output a RF signal.

Plan B for me was to hook the Freeview via Scart (composite) to my Video Recorder, and then turn the video to AV1 and then watch the "video" RF signal which is put to the RF distribution system.


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plan b is an rf modulator :eek:

And the freeview box is a humax which outputs rf

(sorry its short running to work back in few days)


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Anyone recommend an rf modulator that won't:-

1 Cost the earth

2 Introduce a load of interference


Can't understand why folk like Panasonic seek to save pennies by omitting a modulator from their dvd recorders

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