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This may seem like a stupid question, but does anyone know if a lead exists, which will connect RGB Scart to PC RGB 15 pin input on a projector. It's just that I'm considering a Panasonic PT-AE100 in the near future, and the best output my DVD player has is RGB. I can't afford to upgrade the DVD player to component yet, so I was looking for some sort of conversion lead. Or will I have to make do with S-Video?


Blimey, I was thinking the same thing, and if it does exist then where can I get one and how much are they.


Lektropacs and keene do this, and depending on what you want to run, so does I haven't tried any yet, I would like to do this too, would love to hear from anyone who posesses one. I want to run a PJ with it, can synch on 15khz, so all flavours will work for me I think? That figure is the critical one in my understanding. Most plasmas, some projectors(LCD) and no CRT's will be the same.


Looking into it again this PM, the keene lead looks like the killer, it's electronics are hidden in the plug, available in long lengths, takes it's power from pin 8 scart, if it works well it's the man for me. Who has one?


Sorry guys - bad news.

There isn't any scart-VGA "adapter cable available that works with the AE-100.

As said, it's the 15kHz sync problem.

Best available is either RGB (scart) to S-video, or possibly RGB (scart) to component.

So with the addition of a Pro V, RGB (scart) to VGA is possible, but not without going to S-video/component first.

Of course, if your PJ can sync to lower ferq. signals, those leads should work OK, but not with the AE-100.

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