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Hi there, first time threader!

We are looking to buy the Toshiba 40" LCD with HDMI input to replace our old Sony 32" CRT set. This slotted into the wall and scart cables were fed to the hole, allowing us to put the Sky box etc in another area of the room. All very neat and tidy.

But now we have a problem - if we upgrade to Sky HD or a HD DVD player, I understand we will need HDMI cables to get the best picture. We cannot thread through new cables as this was done 10 years ago when we extended. Is there such a thing as a scart to HDMI connector (for either end)that will do the same thing? Any other ideas?

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I would get the Hammer out!

I dont know the exact make up of hdmi cables but i believe it has 19 pins. A scart has theortically it is possible.

There seems to be some scart to hdmi converters out there. But your not looking for conversion simply transportation. I doubt anyone has thought this would ever be required or designed a cable for it.

You dont want to convert hdmi to analogue and back again as this is pointless and you might aswell save your sky hd pennies and continue running scart!!

I guess if you know an electrical engineer who is a legend with a soldering iron and wireing diagram give it a go...but i would opt for a drill and hammer!

good luck

ps. I there no way of pulling a new hdmi cable through using you old scart cable as a pull guide?

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Hello narad123

The configuration of a SCART cable doesn't allow it to be re purposed as an HDMI cable.

SKY HD has two HD Outputs - Digital (HDMI) and Analogue (3RCA - often referred to as Component Video) - it would be possible to remove the SCART hoods from your Installed cable and solder on RCA plugs to enable you to view the Analogue HD signal (you'll also want to attach an additional pair of RCA for Stereo audio over the installed cable).

Most HD DVD and Blu-ray Players wont offer you full HD over Component - with those devices you would have to employ an HDMI to Component converter ahead of a Component Switch attached to your Installed cable to allow you to have multiple HD devices going to the TV.

In the end installing an HDMI cable (or two) may be your best long term solution.


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