Scart to component - will signal need converting?


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Hi, hoping someone can help me with this....

I recently bought a new Samsung LCD monitor which has got various inputs - HDMI, DVI, Component, VGA, Scart etc

I want to output the tv picture to my Sanyo projector.
As the connections on the monitor are all input i need to use a bi-directional scart.
I'd like to use the component input on my projector so was thinking id get a "scart to component" cable like this.....

however i note the warnings with this product that it doesnt do any signal conversion, if i need to convert the signal i need something like this....

How can i work out whether i will need to convert the signal or whether the scart to component cable will work?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Firstly, does the TV output over SCART or as you already alluded to, only input? Perhaps speak to the manufacturer. The signal would require conversion, if it did work. Personally I think you will need an external tuner i.e. freeview box, cable box, satellite tuner or even a DVD Recorder in order to get TV to the projector. Also, I would also look to use HD as blowing up an SD signal on a projector screen usually looks awful!

Edit - the Manual says the SCART connection is an input and output. See page 5/6 HERE
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There are HD connections on the monitor but from what i gather they are all input, the only output i can get from the monitor is by using a bi-directional scart.
For this reason i dont think i can connect the monitor to the projector in HD as the monitor will be expecting an input rather than outputting whats on the screen.
I missed that part in the manual that stated the scart output is RGB so that, i think, has answered by question - if i wanted to use the scart to component method (the only route that seems possible at the mo) id need to convert the signal from RGB to component.
May aswell get a separate freeview / cable box rather than spend the money on the converter!


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